About Us

UIC R.E. Academy started back in 1998 as a project aimed to teach reverse engineering, for free, to anybody willing to learn. Today we are still here, constantly analyzing malwares, exploits, vulnerabilities and trying to publish as often as possible the results of our research.

We are constantly looking for skilled reverse engineers, if you’d like to contribute feel free to contact our staff:

  • Quequero: quequero (at) gmail . com / @quequero
  • Evilcry: evilcry (at) gmail . com / @blackmond_
  • PnUic: pn (at) quequero. org / @pnuic
  • N3mes1s: n3mes1s.oxoo (at) gmail . com / @gn3mes1s
  • Antelox: anteloxrce (at) gmail.com / @antelox

Contributing Authors:

  • hepl3r: hepl3r (at) gmail.com / @hepL3r


We live on donations so even the smallest contribution is more than welcome: