Rootkit Banker Win64.Banker and Win32.Banker Analysis

Rootkit Banker Win64.Banker Reverse Engineering, this is the first rootkit able to steal banking account credentials even on x64 systems. We'll take a look into the functionalities of this interesting … read more.

Device Driver Development For Beginners

Just a little starter for people interested in starting Kernel-Mode Development. This tutorial is a flexible one, time by time I'll Reload and Expand it. By following a good thread on UIC forum, … read more.

Windows Drivers Debugging

In this tutorial we are going to see how to setup a Debugging Environment for our Drivers. This is not a complete guide, it's just a quick tour intended to give a fast overview of Windbg and problems … read more.

How to Deal with Malware

With this brief tutorial, here at UIC we are going to open a new Reversing Chapter that follows the new challenge promptly emerged in the last years: Malware Reverse Engineering. This field is … read more.

How To Attack a WEP/WPA Protected Wireless Network

Updated on Jan/2013:¬†Added WPS section Any help in completing this document is welcome, thanks! In this guide we'll try to discuss the many vulnerabilities affecting the WEP and WPA protocols. … read more.

Guidelines to MFC Reversing

Software developed with MFC may import MFC80U.dll (MFC80U is the name of the last version of the dll, as I'm writing), it depends on the type of compilation: as a static library or as a shared … read more.

X64 Assembly

Links and References Introduction Essay Links And References AMD64 documentation Introduction This article is extracted from "Moving to Windows x64" by Daniel Pistelli … read more.